Moving Forward

Following Jesus

The moment you trust in Jesus, you enter into an eternal relationship with God. Your life will never be the same! Both now and for all eternity. God wants you to experience how much He loves you, and He wants you to learn how to do life with Him.

So just like in any human relationship, getting to know someone better helps your relationship grow deeper and stronger, the same is true for your relationship with God. Getting to know Him better will help you on this exciting journey.

What does this actually look like in normal, everyday life?

Check out this simple, seven-part video series, that unlocks a few basic secrets that will help you follow Him.

Day One

Ignition Seven :: Video 1

Day Two

Ignition Seven :: Video 2

Day Three

Ignition Seven :: Video 3

Day Four

Ignition Seven :: Video 4

Day Five

Ignition Seven :: Video 5

Day Six

Ignition Seven :: Video 6

Day Seven

Ignition Seven :: Video 7